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Thrive In 30!

Start 2020 with doTERRA's Cleanse & Restore Kit . . . and Much More!

Our team of Nurses and Health Coaches invite you to participate in “Thrive In 30,” a cleanse and reboot system giving you new energy, vitality, and overall wellness as we begin 2020!

As we start the new year after a busy holiday season, we must pause and reset before going to the next level. This is the time to build success in all aspects of life! Of course, our experience proves that an active, caring community supporting one another is crucial for that success.

To begin, we must also address the lingering toxicity that has accumulated in our body, overburdening our system and vital organs. Our cells were never meant to handle this excess toxicity, which have created the majority of physical and emotional imbalances, excess weight and disease. The result of this buildup is substances the body cannot effectively metabolize into vital nutrients and minerals for overall wellness. Our food choices will either promote energy or remove energy. Therefore, our goal is to reduce inflammation and overall toxicity.

"Thrive in 30," our 30 day wellness reboot creates transformation through gratitude, letting go as well as emotional and physical healing. We all want to live a life in an upgraded state of health which can be supported in this loving community!

To maximize your cleansing experience we will share many benefits in this program such as:

1. Live coaching sessions

2. Detoxifying your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

3. Reverse aging and resetting your health.

4. Release weight (if needed).

5. Meal preparation and delicious recipes

6. Personal accountability with other detoxers!

7. Learn how to minimize exposure to toxins in your food and environment.

8. Education on the medicinal benefits of essential oils.

9. Mindfulness, Movement & Meditation

10. Self-Care

If you are a member of our doTERRA team, please order The Cleanse and Restore Kit on this link.

If you are new to our team, please use this link.

We are all excited to begin this journey with you!
The Mind Body Soul Team

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